13-Jan-2018 16:01

Cardio days 2018!

Cardiology and cardiac surgery workshop course. All the participants of this events will have a chance to see everything from the basic applications in the mentioned fields to the presentation of the latest innovations. Lecturers will be prof. Dr. Piotr Lipiec, prof. Dr. Jaroslaw D Kasprzak, Dr. Sci. Bozidar Ferek-Petric, Prof. Dr. Omer Dzemali, PD Dr. Florim Cuculi.

For the first time in the region, simulation will take place in cardiac surgery with the unique Medtronic's simulator, where participants will have the opportunity to simulate operations in groups of 3 doctors every 30 minutes to get acquainted with the latest innovations in the relevant field. At the same time, participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with and apply 3D / 4D technology in Echocardiography examinations. Among other things, the clinical advantages of using this technique and its efficient use.

It will be a great opportunity to exchange experiences with professors from Switzerland and Western Europe with the latest devices of American technology.