27-Nov-2018 10:11

VISUS 2018!

Successful completion of VISUS Course Prishtina 2018, the first VISUS course organized in Pristina by Yess Pharma with the support of Sirona Hospital.

With the well-known European lecturers Prof. world Dr. Eberhard Merz and Dr. Sonila Pashaj, course participants were generally introduced with the application of 3D/4D ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.

With the application of 4DView software and 'live' examinations, the participants gained a tremendous exchange of experiences with Prof. Merz and Dr. Pashley.

They were provided with certificates and new knowledge about 3D / 4D's clinical application to diagnose even the toughest problems.

Benefit of knowledge and much pleasure with the VISUS Course, which from this year will be annual and with the most eminent world lecturers.

We thank all the participants!